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Part of what makes us different is our commitment to the ethical sourcing of all our products. We are working in partnership with the GoodWeave foundation to make sure that none of the people who produce our products are being treated unfairly. This partnership is integral to our business and without it we would not be able to achieve the high standards that we count as essential. Part of the money that we pay to GoodWeave goes towards the fight against child labour and the promoting of education and wellbeing for thousands of children in Southern Asia

Sage Green Designs thanks you for visiting our site and taking the time to learn about us and our ethos. We are really proud of all our stylish designs - they are bright, colourful and very different, and we hope that you like them as much as we do.

The GoodWeave Story

The handmade carpet industry exploits nearly 250,000 children. GoodWeave is helping to combat this problem and transform the rug industry by certifying child-labour-free rugs and wall hangings and by providing education and opportunities to rescued and at-risk children. The GoodWeave certification is implemented by GoodWeave International.  

Sage Green Designs is proud to collaborate with GoodWeave - all of our wall hangings display the GoodWeave label, which gives a unique certification number so you can always be sure our products are free from child labour.  

From October 2015, any business with a turnover of more than £36m will be obliged each year to publicly produce a report to ensure there is no slave labour in their supply chain. Nina Smith, Executive Director of GoodWeave, believes the new legislation will provide a clearer sight into the supply chains of larger businesses. "Supply chain transparency and responsibility are what GoodWeave is all about when it comes to child labour and trafficking. We applaud this important step and hope to work with more rug companies in the UK, looking for the necessary expertise and experience to comply".

Internationally, GoodWeave has been repairing communities who were devastated by the two earthquakes in Nepal which erupted back in 2015. GoodWeave set up its Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund to specifically help weavers and to date it has raised in excess of $85,000 from individual contributors. 

In the immediate aftermath of the earthquakes, GoodWeave Nepal managed to provide emergency assistance, medical aid, basic foodstuffs, mattresses and tents to more than 5,700 workers and their families.

You can read more about GoodWeave's amazing work on their website.

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