Hare Laptray (LT8001)

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Hand-made in Scotland, laptray 43cm x 33cm

Fur & Feathers Collection - Allison Murray

Allison founded Allison Murray Design in 2009, and is based in the heart of the Cotswolds. She draws her inspiration from the beautiful countryside and wildlife around her.  The Fur & Feathers Collection is a new range of simple, yet sophisticated designs which work perfectly on our new range of laptrays.

  • Hand-made in Scotland, these luxury laptrays are suitable for dining, reading, writing hobbies and crafts.
  • The laptrays feature a wipe-clean finish on the table top for convenience.
  • Ideal for use in the bedroom, lounge or around the home.
  • Comfortable and stylish with a suede covered beanbag cushion for stability.
  • Finished with a raised, varnished wooden edge.
  • Lightweight, practical and easy to store.

To see more of Allison's work visit Allison Murray Design


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